A meeting of tradition and modernity: design cottage near Moscow

The noble elegance is always in fashion. A calm color palette, elegant solutions, time-tested, luxury materials – all the essential elements of this approach to design. If a professional experienced in designing elegant interiors – a queue of potential customers to it never issyaknet.Tem, however, in the space of gentrification is also a place of creativity. This is manifested in the ability to balance the background and accents, designs and decor, passion and an assortment of customers classics of modern furniture, a variety of finishing materials and the ability to cut off lishnee. Kto something in such cases, prefer to focus on projects already implemented (or their colleagues), selecting them as a “framework”. But for others – the birth of a new interior design is always unique and unlike any other. It was about this approach, says Moscow-based company “DekoPlyus,” in which the number of works also includes the luxury interiors, one of them – the cottage project – we want to offer your vnimaniyu. Ego notable features: almost limitless in the “public” part of the house and chamber in the comfort of private apartments, the active use of white color, but without the coldness and detachment, simple and concise construction of the space (layout) – in combination with thin elements, contributing a personality and style (translucent painted openwork lattice wrought-iron fences on the ladder, the noble line of kitchen furniture, etc. Etc.), a large area is used correctly, without much enthusiasm, the main room – 3 room (for various guests, hosts collected at home), spacious lounges (on the first floor lounge transforms into a single space – one of the living room, dining room and kitchen) An effective area of SPA – for sophisticated relaxation, where items of classical traditions in harmony with a variety of modern materials and Italian mebelyu. Rassmotrite cottage near Moscow this project in detail – 34 photorealistic images. (More…) Tags: draft of a private house records with the same label Private accommodation: rooms for entertaining hosts and guests, designs, Issue 66 Fantasia on a Theme of the harem: house design with elements of oriental luxury Tales from the Vienna woods: the project of modern cottages with spectacular elements The family mansion of wood: the project of a private house in the style of a European country Petersburg Provence project a comfortable private home, inspired by French Country